Investment Market Focus

 TRX Investment’s offers real estate investments in the US market with:

  • An experienced operational platform
  • Proven business models
  • Institutional quality management, and
  • Efficient investment structures


US Market Goals:

  • To provide TRX investors with options in the US Real Estate market
  • To diversify TRX operations in new markets and begin its international expansion
  • To invest in the largest, mature real estate market in the world


The US is a competitive, fast moving market, with tight margins, and a lower risk profile than other markets. The attractive, risk-mitigating characteristics of the market include:

  • Transparency: abundant accurate information on rents, land prices, vacancy rates, comparable transactions, demographics, and valuations amongst other market factors.
  • Mitigated risk on development processes with: title insurance, defined and transparent approvals processes, fixed development contracts without inflation indexing.
  • High quality cash flows: tenant credit ratings are easily available, speculative leases are binding contracts, and fast eviction process for non-performing tenants.
  • High liquidity both in terms of abundant and competitive financing and in terms of exit options.


Key differentials:

  • Strategic Look
  • Experienced Investment Committee
  • Institutional Investment and Development Process

Investment and Due Dilligence Process





  • Real Estate investments with strong market and sector fundamentals
  • Markets and Products in which TRX has the ability to competitively source projects, and execute with a proven operational platform.
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