Project Specific Structures

TRX’s financial and asset management expertise allows it to offer a unique and flexible investment process. TRX offers several management structures, based on the particular opportunity being pursued, and several investment vehicles to maximize the international investors’ tax efficiency:


Management Structures

Direct principal

Acquisition of real estate assets without a third-party real estate co-sponsor within the operating partnership. TRX is the sole sponsor

Co-sponsor Partnerships

Real estate investment in partnership with co-sponsors, where TRX co-sponsors the investment with a local operator


Investment Vehicles

Commingled Funds

Targeted to international investors, TRX funds provide the maximum tax efficiency and diversification for non-U.S. investors interested in investing in U.S. real estate opportunities

Club Deals

For certain investments, typically very large single assets, TRX provides an investment structure for like-minded investors

Separate Accounts

Investors with highly-specialized needs and requirements generally prefer separate managed accounts. TRX is experienced in tailor-made solutions reflecting the risk-return profile of individual investors and providing investors with a tax-efficient structure

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